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Welcome to the Baltimore Washington Business Travel Association

Founded in 1970, the Baltimore Washington BTA provides an important forum for the exchange of information, education and ideas among its members, who include representatives from local corporations and leading travel industry suppliers. Our emphasis is on working together to better understanding new and emerging travel management practices.

BWBTA is committed to enhancing the travel profession by sponsoring educational and informational programs for its members, and by providing top-rated speakers to address travel-related issues, concerns, and current "hot topic" items.

BWBTA is an excellent venue for the sharing of travel-related information and professional expertise, and is an organization focused on perfecting the science of business travel management.

Why Join?

Programs and Education: The BWBTA devotes the bulk of our resources to the education and professional skill development of our members.  Understanding that corporate business travel is at the crossroads of change, the BWBTA believes that a complete and intimate knowledge of the travel industry is crucial to the success of its members.  Throughout the year, educational programs are held on the wide variety of topics affecting business travel management; from new developments in technology to changes in local and national purchasing trends.

Networking: Success in any business begins with establishing relationships among professionals in its industry.  By actively participating in monthly meetings and other events, BWBTA members network and establish the professional relationships necessary for success.

Volunteerism and Leadership: At the core of the BWBTA are volunteers who compose our officers and committees.  Accomplished and respected professionals in the travel industry, they focus on specific issues which will affect our members.  Because we are a collective of interested and motivated individuals, our members have the opportunity to actively participate in the functioning of BWBTA, gain the experience to grow professionally and assume leadership positions.

Global Business Travel Association

 BWBTA is an affiliation of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), whose members represent major corporations and travel suppliers throughout the United States.  Along with the BWBTA, the national organization provides members with information on the latest technical and service advantages within the industry, as well as current legislative issues involving travel costs and safety matters affecting business travel.