Education is the foundation for the existence of the Baltimore Washington Business Travel Association. BWBTA was founded by a group of travel industry leaders that wanted to raise the knowledge and professionalism of those individuals whose careers were in managing or selling travel related services. Each of our monthly meetings is designed to provide current, leading edge information to our membership, and to create a comfortable social environment where networking and peer recognition can be accomplished informally.

Scholarship Opportunities

BWBTA supports the pursuit of professional certification through the Global Business Travel Association’s programs and educational offerings. Due to our affiliation with GBTA, The GBTA Foundation (formerly the Institute of Business Travel Management) and the CPC (Chapter President’s Council) we are able to offer educational scholarships for a variety of programs in addition to our local scholarships.

Each year BWBTA helps support our members education to GBTA’s education and certification courses that include CTE, CCTE, and GLP.  Any member wanting to take advantage of this opportunity will send in an overview on the course they are wanting to attend and the Board will review on a first come first serve basis.  The amount will be determined on our financial capability.

The GBTA Foundation (formerly the Institute of Business Travel Management)
An affiliate of GBTA, the GBTA Foundation, offers several educational scholarship opportunities to a variety of programs, including those listed above and independent studies.

Chapter Presidents Council
CPC scholarship grants are awarded to qualified individuals to pursue involvement in the education programs or membership within the Global Business Travel Association.

As an affiliate of the Global Business Travel Association, BWBTA supports and recognizes the professional education programs they offer. Currently, training is focused in 3 concentrated areas:

NetSmart(tm) is a web-based distance learning and educational program that allows NBTA Direct Members and Chapter Direct Members to participate in a live interactive forum on business travel industry issues and simultaneously view presentations.

Certified Corporate Travel Executive (CCTE)
The CCTE Program is designed for business travel management professionals who want to enhance their knowledge, skills and productivity.

Global Travel Management Exchange Forums (GTMEF)
The NBTA Global Travel Management Exchange Forums (GTMEF) are small, highly focused, discussion groups. The GTMEF's provide global travel managers with the opportunity to meet with their peers and explore, in-depth, the global travel management topics and issues that are most important to them.