About Us

BWBTA was founded by a group of travel industry leaders that wanted to raise the knowledge and professionalism of those individuals whose careers were in managing or selling travel related services.

The Baltimore WashingtonBusiness Travel Association (BWBTA) is the authoritative voice of Business Travel Management for Maryland and Washington D.C. Our resources are dedicated to providing a forum for the constructive exchange of information and ideas among our members. We are committed to enhancing the image of travel manager and the educational advancement of our members.

BWBTA is an organization dedicated to advancing the interests of the corporate travel industry. As the collective voice of this industry for Maryland and Washington D.C., we support and represent our core constituents of corporate travel managers and associated travel services by providing tools, information and networks required for effective business travel management.

Members enjoy the benefits of the BWBTA, which include:

  • Regular meetings to educate travelers on financial and legislative changes

  • Scholarships to increase your education and certifications

  • Social events for members including an annual silent auction

  • An eNewsletter to inform the membership on breaking news and events