CPC Scholarships

The CPC Scholarship Committee
will be awarding more than $9000 in scholarships this year. The 2011 CPC
individual and chapter scholarship applications are now available online!

On the GBTA Website: http://www.2.gbta.org/usa/About/Pages/WhoWeAre.aspx

On the CPC Website: View "Latest News" and Committee Page

The Scholarships available are:

1) GTBA Membership (Allied & Direct)
2) Continuing education scholarship for CCTE of GLP (Allied & Direct)
Money can be applied towards
a) Either a 2 of 5 day GLP (tuition only)
b) CCTE Core Week (tuition only)
c) CCTE Electives (tuition only)
d) Chapter CCTE Electives ($100 towards the Certification)

4) CPC Memorial Scholarship (Allied and Direct) - in honor of the outstanding
accomplishments and commitment to those that served in the Chapter's
President's Council. This award is intended to honor the memory and
recognize those that have made significant contributions to the CPC, GBTA
and travel community. (1)
5) One $1500 Chapter Scholarship (1)

To apply for a Scholarship:
In order to be considered, the CPC must receive all
individual applications by April 24, 2012
and Chapter applications by Monday May 4, 2012.
Only electronic applications will be accepted.

For further information please connect with
Cynthia Gillen, CCTE, C.P.M., President, Chicago BTA
[email protected]
or visit:

The CPC Scholarship was designed to provide opportunities to chapter members that may not otherwise be available to them.

Applicants are legible to receive no more than two (2) CPC Scholarships throughout their participation in the NBTA education programs.