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Dear GBTA/BWBTA Members,


The 12th Annual Government Relations Challenge is well under way. The official dates are July 8th – July 27th, however many chapters have completed the challenge.

Proceeds from the Annual Government Relations Challenge benefit the GBTA PAC (Political Action Committee). Below are some of the issues that our GBTA is championing on behalf of the travel community. Supporting PAC gives all of us a voice in Washington, DC.

  • Business Travel as an Economic Driver: Congress should understand business travel is important to the overall economy, given the industry contributes roughly 3 percent of U.S. GDP, equivalent to the automotive industry.
  • Pass the FAA Bill: Congress needs to pass this bipartisan bill now and not pass another extension. The final bill should maintain a 5-year authorization, it should maintain its no cell phones on planes language and should continue to reject efforts to increase the passenger facility charge.
  • Keep the 9-11 Security Fee for Security: As part of the last two budget deals, Congress voted to funnel part of this fee to go towards federal deficit reduction. GBTA members are asking members of Congress to co-sponsor the FASTER Act to support using the entire fee for airport security and passenger facilitation to keep air travel safe.

Many of you have already sent in PAC contributions.  Thank you for your support! Let’s get the MOMENTUM going!


The PAC Challenge again runs from July 8th, 2018 – July 27, 2018 and consists of the following 4 requirements to achieve Partner status:

  • Appoint a member of your Chapter/Affiliate to be the Government Relations Liaison ~ DONE!
  • Invite an elected official to speak at a Chapter/Affiliate meeting or host a GBTA Government Relations meeting. ~ DONE!  Scheduled for July 18th!
  • PAC Fund Goal (30% of membership must contribute) ~ PENDING!  If each member contributes at least $10, we will meet our challenge.
    • Large Chapters/Affiliates – more than 200+ members, raise a minimum of $1500.00
    • Medium Chapters/Affiliates – 101- 200 members, raise a minimum of $1000.00
    • Small Chapters/Affiliates – up to 100 members, raise a minimum of $500.00
  • When requested by GBTA or the Government Relations Committee, ask your members to contact their Senators or Representatives to take action. While this goal is not measured, we ask for your assistance to mobilize your membership when needed.

We are in the process of meeting these requirements and need your support to achieve partner status.

Please make your contribution today. You do not need to wait until the July 7th date.


Thank you for your support & contribution!


Best Regards,

Sharon Tolliver, BWBTA

VP Government Liaison